Our Story

The Story Of Our Passion

The Monarch Story… is a LOVE STORY. It’s a story of an unwavering love and a continual passionate pursuit for God’s divine purpose. It’s a story of an undying commitment and an uncompromising desire to fulfill God’s perfect will. This love has ultimately led us to this season in our lives where we now reside, and the path that we now walk upon. We have learned over countless years of being in the wedding and event industry, that the most important thing in life, is not life itself, but truly the depth of love, of hope, and of passion that one is able to manifest and give, not just to a wedding or an event, but rather to the people who have chosen…You.


The Monarch Event Firm

The Monarch Event Firm is an Upscale Event Planning Firm that specializes in All-Inclusive Luxury Packages and Services for Weddings, Events, and Lifestyles. For countless years Asha M. Henton and the Monarch Event Team have facilitated stunning weddings and events throughout Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Their unique expertise and unparalleled creativity has afforded them the privilege to provide their professional knowledge and ingenuity not merely to creating flawless weddings and events, but also to assisting numerous professionals, corporations, venues & hotels, ministries and businesses alike to achieving new levels of excellence and success.

A Branch of The Monarch Dynasty. A Kingdom Conglomerate Corporation that consists of businesses and affiliates throughout the Nations of the World that possess, operate and are goverened by the Kingdom of God it's Principles, Standards and Mandates.